Thanks to the wonderful xenoshock, I was able to get an avi file of Chaindance (Common Bonds 1991) to screen cap! So here’s part 1 of 2 of my Johnny caps!

I wish this movie was more well known.  Brad plays a man with cerebral palsy who becomes friends with a convict in prison through a prison rehabilitation program.  The two hate each other at first, but circumstances enable them to bond and by the end of the film, they are best friends. 

Brad really should have won an award for this.  If someone didn’t know who he was, they would probably be fooled into believing he really did have cerebral palsy.  He does such a good job!

Thank you so much, xenoshock, for helping me do this! <3


Part 2 of the Chaindance screencaps! I tried to put on some that maybe people hadn’t seen before.  I love Brad’s facial expressions!